Shipwreck Pictures: Civil War-era Wine, Cologne Found

Somerset Divers will be adopting a wreck site in 2011 as a project and people will be able to come along for a dive and contribute to it hopefully to build an interesting picture.

Shipwreck Pictures: Civil War-era Wine, Cologne Found

Postby Ken » Sat Aug 27, 2011 6:48 am

Off Bermuda, archaeologist Jim Delgado examines fragments of a paint can found in the wreck of the paddle wheel steamer Mary Celestia, a Civil War-era blockade runner that sank 147 years ago.

After storms this past winter had swept silt from the wreck, a Bermudan government expedition discovered newly exposed artifacts, including fragrance bottles and unopened—but strong-smelling—wine. ... 8-17-00:01
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