A little bit of historic treasure

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A little bit of historic treasure

Postby Ken » Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:18 am

I can now reveal that back in April Somerset Divers, as you may know, had a bit of a Treasure Hunt just off the protected wreck of the Coronation at Plymouth. 2 of the group Sue Batchelor and Claire Caseley, managed to find an important artefact. Although not directly connected to the wreck, still historically important for plymouth. They correctly photographed and recorded it’s location and reported back to Mark from the project. As it was off of the protected zone, permission was given to return to the location with a view to recovering the item before it was lost forever.
Now be honest how many divers could manage to return to the same location 3 months later when all the gullies down there look very similar.
Mark, myself, Sue and Claire returned with the girls brimming with confidence. Dive one did not make it look good, but after a light lunch sat onboard Stingray in the sun on a flat calm sea a new cunning plan was hatched. We reset the shot and in we went with a proper search line. Then the girls found the first mark they had recorded and then straight on to the artefact. Got to say absolutely brilliant. The item was recorded and the area searched and then it was decided to recover it for preservation.
It is now in the possession of The Coronation Project Team and will form part of the museum exhibit which will eventually show the history of the wreck site and surrounding areas to the public.
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