Twinset for sale + 12 and 10 litre steels.

We all have second hand kit lying around in our garages that we would like to sell on or we may have just bought a nice new shiny thing and would like to sell on the old one, so here is your chance. Somerset Divers is not responsible for the description or quality of any of the items advertised. The contract is between the two parties involved.
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Twinset for sale + 12 and 10 litre steels.

Postby Rob Redman » Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:44 pm

My back is telling me I need to stop lumping my 12 litre twins around and get a pair of 7s so I am finally
Therefore I have a set of steel (FABER ) 12 litre manifolded cylinders for sale.
They are obviously used, but never abused, so scuffs and scratches as you would expect.
MDE manifolded , O2 clean until June 2013 and full with .32 EanX.
Superficial damage to the locknut on the manifold where I slipped with the spanner while adjusting the valve for a slob knob. Jon at JR Services has checked it and says '' It'll be fine ''.
Also 2 D-rings on the sides to attach reels,or whatever.
Looking for around £250 but open to sensible offers.
Also have a 10 and a 12 for sale. Both out of test but will definitely go through again. £50 each
Rob Redman
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Re: Twinset for sale + 12 and 10 litre steels.

Postby scubatricky » Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:19 pm

Are you interested in swapping the 12's for a pair of 7's. They used to be a twinset with MDE modular valves. All they need is an isolator manifold and bands and they're a set of twin 7's again.

O2 cleaned and in test for another 18 months
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