Courses for the New Year

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Courses for the New Year

Postby Dave » Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:42 pm

Basic Archaeology Diver

The Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust's (MAST) B.A.D. course is a Padi Distinctive Specialty course designed to equip divers with all the rudiments of underwater archaeology,how to record and interpret the thousands of wrecks off the coast of the UK and beyond.

Enriched Air Course ( Nitrox )
Learning to use enriched air can typically allow you to stay down longer and get back in sooner, or lower your nitrogen levels and make your diving more conservative

Emergency First Response
Essential for those wishing to progress to be a Rescue Divers or go on to be Padi Divemaster's or above. Learn to respond to medical emergencies not just in the diving world, but in your everyday life. This course teaches you valuable skills whether you are a diver or not.

All the above courses are planned for February / March next year, Full details of dates, venue, price will all be announced on Saturday 16th at our Social Evening, and after on our web site.
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