Simply the Best

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Simply the Best

Postby Dave » Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:59 pm

Here’s to the sunshine and Blue o two Voyager, the sea, the sharks and the trip that’s just over.

Simply the Best and Project Shark has once again proved to be an excellent way to spend a week’s holiday. We enjoyed all the usual great service from Blue o two with super food, helpful crew and Elke providing informative and updated information about her work. The shark sightings included hammerheads and reef shark in both deep and shallow water with a great view of a hammerhead patrolling below us, as we hung around at 5 meters. In addition to this we had a sighting of one thresher, in good view, at the beginning of the week.
Some enjoyed a manta encounter; others caught sight of spotted rays, along with all the regular suspects, from crocodile fish to octopus, a cluster of tiny nudibranchs and a particularly nice view of puffer fish at night, curled up in a ball with its tail wrapped round over its face, just like our four legged friends back home.
Well done to those who passed a course while on our travels and especially well done to jack for doing so much without his buddy. The weather was generally good albeit that some travel between sights a bit bumpy, good sea legs an advantage!
The last night back in the marina proved an enjoyable night, relaxing with a nice G &T or glass of wine for some, others out to the early hours and upon their return, attempting to walk the plank!! Slight injury sustained ... Well, boys will be boys!!! We had one or two other bumps and bruises all, I am glad to say, ok now ... but don’t mention the ears!
Many thanks to Ken for organising this trip and looking after us throughout the week, to all for the great company and the many new buddies I found along the way. Looking forward to next year’s trips and beyond can’t wait to start packing.
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Re: Simply the Best

Postby PeteK » Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:33 pm


Great weeks diving enjoyed every minute ......needed a quiet week after to recover.

Thanks to Ken for organising

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Re: Simply the Best

Postby Ken » Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:46 pm

Many thanks, always enjoy the trip.
Like to think I will be on next years trip.
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