Poole dive trip 14 Sept

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Poole dive trip 14 Sept

Postby smurf » Sun Sep 15, 2013 8:11 am

A wonderful days diving on Rocket out of Poole

Our first dive was a 30m wreck dive on The Kyarra, an Austrailian steamer used as a casualty ship during WW1. The Kyarra was sunk on 24 May 1918 by a torpedo from UB-57 commanded by German submarine ace Oberleutnant Johann Lohs.
Hitting the wreck just as the tide was going slack allowed for an easy 30m dive with 10m viz allowing us to explore a small part of the wreck.
The wreck is home to a wide range of wild life adding to interest of the dive.

Lunch was once again provided by the Rocket crew, plenty of burgers, sausages and chicken were cooked up on the bbq.

Our second dive was a .5knott 20m drift dive on the edge of Swanage Bay. The viz had dropped slightly and was varying between 3-8m but most people managed to spot Thornback Rays, Dogfish along with the normal hunt for scallops.

Congratulations and laughter were provided for Hazel who completed her 100th dive, all be it a litle wetter than when she went in after a wrist seal malfunction due to long nails.

The weather was very kind to us giving us calm seas and a great days diving, thanks to all on board for a great day out.
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